"Wet-Bulb" Vacuum Indicator

"Wet-Bulb" Vacuum indicators are highly accurate devices for measuring vacuum in a refrigeration system. The indicator makes use of a special glass, "wet-bulb" thermometer and a chemical solution -- contained in a clear cylinder. This clear cylinder has an imprinted calibration chart, attached to the outside surface. The technician reads the "wet-bulb" thermometer and he compares the temperature against the calibration chart to determine the system's vacuum in (1) inches guage (2) inches ABS (3) Microns 1000.

This 8-3/4 " (H) X 2" dia. instrument should be filled with Methyl Alcohol Anhydrous A.R. (Methyl Alcohol, only, will de-grade the instrument's seals).

This handy, light-weight instrument is ideal for reading vacuum pressures in any system. Buildings with multiple refrigeration compressors -- such as Grocery Super Markets -- can be checked quickly. Where vacuum pressures are low, the technician knows to check for a leak. It is the easiest-to-use vacuum measurement instrument in the industry!

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